Beautiful Bagan

One of the most important archaeological sites in Asia and arguably the world, the ancient city of Bagan will take your breath away. Mostly built between the 11th and 13th centuries, the thousands of temples at Bagan sit on a dry agricultural plain wedged in a bend of the imperious Irrawaddy River. Between the temples, farmers tend crops of rice and sesame, while pony carts are still the main mode of transport. And no Bagan experience is complete without watching the sun set over the waters of the Irrawaddy from the top of one of these ancient temples.

Oasis is located in Nyaung Oo, close to a number of temples and pagodas, the most famous of which is Shwezigone Pagoda. It features a number of quality restaurants and souvenir shops, and many locally made handicrafts can be found in Nyaung Oo Market. Guests who want to explore further afield can rent bikes from our hotel at reasonable rates.

The main point of access to Bagan is Nyaung Oo Airport, about a five-minute drive from Oasis Hotel and 15 minutes from most sights in the Bagan area. Currently only domestic airlines fly to Nyaung Oo, while international connections to many destinations in Asia are available from Yangon and Mandalay. Nyaung Oo is also reachable by bus and train from most major cities in Myanmar, including Yangon and Mandalay.


The following is a list of historical sites & museums, sorted in order of popularity, with construction date and location.

  • Shwezigon, 11th century, Nyaung Oo & Wetkyi-in
  • Thatbyinnyu, 12th century, Old Bagan
  • Ananda, 11th century, Old Bagan
  • Bupaya, 3rd century, Old Bagan
  • Dhammayangyi, 12th century, Old Bagan
  • Gawdawpalin, 12th century, Old Bagan
  • Manuha, 11th century, Myinkaba
  • Htilomino, 13th century, Old Bagan
  • Sulamani, 12th century, Minnanthu
  • Lawkananda, 11th century, New Bagan
  • Mingalarzedi, 13th century, Old Bagan
  • Dhammayazika, 12th century, Pwasaw
  • Myazedi, 12th century, Myinkaba
  • Bagan Archeological Museum
  • Mahabodhi, 13th century, Old Bagan
  • Tharabar Gate, 9th century, Old Bagan
  • Pahtothamya, 11th century, Old Bagan
  • Pyathadar (Pyathatgyi), 13th century, Minnanthu
  • Abeyadana, 11th or 12th centuries, Myinkaba
  • Nagayon, 12th century, Myinkaba
  • Nanpaya, 12th century, Myinkaba
  • Gubyaukgyi, 12th century, Myinkaba
  • Shwesandaw, 11th century, Old Bagan
  • Thandawgya, 13th century, Old Bagan
  • Ahlodawpyae, 12th century, Nyaung Oo & Wetkyi-in
  • Hgnet Pyit Taung, 11th century, Nyaung Oo & Wetkyi-in
  • Leimyethna, 13th century, Minnanthu
  • Lacquerware Museum